Top 6 Best New Browsers for Android 2018 That You Must Use

In this post, we will talk about top 6 best new browsers for android 2018.

I call this Internet a maze, yes a big maze where to pull out the information and to access all the websites, you need a door and this door is your internet browser.

But what if you got a lot of doors and these are just making you scratch your head?

Well, worry not we have garnered the list of top best new browsers for android phone that will surely help you to surf the internet smoothly with a lot of amazing features.

Just scroll down the page a little bit and have look at features of these new browsers for android.

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018

1. Armorfly

Do you know why this browser is called Armorfly?

Because it protects you from the malevolent activities that deliberately trying to enter in your android phone.

Whenever you will access any website via this browser, a green shield will pop up along with URL of website ensuring you that you are in the safe zone.

The main motive of this new browser for Android is to keep your data safe.

Some of its prominent features you can check out are as follows.

  • Sniff and download videos

    That’s what the browser says in its instruction when you will download it for the first time ‘sniff and download’.

    And by means of sniff, it is showing you how this Armorfly will detect every video on whatsoever the web page you visit on your android phone and will give you the option of ‘download’ in the search bar.

  • The Privacy

    Besides keeping you away from the malicious activity, it is also good at keeping your privacy.

    For instance, this browser gives you the feature of setting a lock pattern on all of your downloads files so that no one can open it.

    Every time you will access the downloaded images, videos or doc whatever the file you have downloaded from your browser, you’d have to fill out this pattern.

    By having a lock pattern there will be fewer chances of an intruder in your mobile data.

  • Private vault

    Armorfly browser keeps all of your downloaded files in the sorted order in a private vault.

    When you will open the section of downloads, your data won’t be in an unsorted list but in columnized fashion having each cell its name corresponding to the type of file.

    Like mp4, avi format files will go to the video section or JPG, PNG stays in the ‘picture’ named cell.

    I think this feature is quite good for the ones, who don’t like to keep their things messy.

  • Adblocker

    If it makes you cringe every time there is ad shown up from nowhere on your webpage then try this Armorfly which comes with an inbuilt ad blocker which will keep those ads far away from you.

Basic features

These are the name of some another basic feature that comes in handy with this browser, probably you might have heard few of them.

  1. Incognito tab
  2. Clearing browser history on every exit
  3. Multiple tabs
  4. Simultaneously number of downloads
  5. Lightweight

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 armorfly

Download Armorfly

2. Chrome Canary

There’s an old proverb ‘Canary in a coal mine’ which means a warning to some danger and by this adage, you may have sum up the meaning of this browser name.

The developers have named it most unstable browser or a dangerous one, among all the releases of Chrome browsers.

They have intentionally put it on the testing mode and its features always seem to be back and forth.

Even their developers have mentioned this browser as an experimental attempt on android phones.

But still, you can use it to the hilt without having difficulties.

  • High speed

    This feature is making this canary browser different from regular chrome browser.

    It is regarded as the faster browser as compared to the other one.

    Everything will load up instantly be it websites, images or videos on your phone, but the usage of data can vary.

  • User-friendly view

    One can switch the view of the website in mobile-friendly view or in desktop view as per the one’s comfort.

  • Add to home screen

    Your favourite or most visited websites can easily be pinned to the home screen so you don’t have to fill out its name every time in the address bar.

Well-nigh, this canary has same features as of Google Chrome browser, its interface is catchy and also it concerns about your privacy.

  1. Sharing of web pages
  3. Ad-blocker
  4. Incognito tab
  5. Autofill forms
  6. Google translate
  7. Voice search

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 chrome canary

Download Chrome Canary

3. Microsoft edge

If you are a lover of Windows and want almost in ‘Windows theme’ including its browser, on your android phone.

Then this browser can give you all the features of edge browser which is currently running on windows 10.

Yes! you read it right a Microsoft’s browser for an android phone.

Want to know more about this edge browser then let’s explore its features

  • Connecting PC and Phone

    Users of Windows 10 who have Microsoft account can directly connect their android phone’s edge browser with the Windows browser making it a cross-platform where users can sync their data, passwords, bookmarks and much more.

    It’s actually, a way of joining your data with pc browser.

    The web page you’d be accessing on your phone can easily be streamed on the pc with this feature without losing the track of your accessing point.

  • Personalized content

    This block will keep your data in a personalized manner including your bookmarked page, reading list and all the downloads under one roof.

    Besides, your saved offline reading articles will not be mixed up with the bookmarked websites and it will stay under the name of ‘reading’.

    Even there is also an upcoming feature of reading books in this browser but as it is ‘upcoming’ so it has not released yet.

  • QrCode Scanner

    With this browser, you can surf through any website with its available QR Code instead of filling out its URL in the address bar.

    When you will scan any QR code its content will be automatically copied to the clipboard and you may easily retrieve any information corresponding to this code.

In a shell, this Microsoft edge browser possesses these features :

  1. Voice search
  2. InPrivate tab
  3. Readers mode
  4. Sync between pc and mobile
  5. QR code reader
  6. Pivot view
  7. Multiple search engines

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 microsoft edge

Download Microsoft Edge

4. Samsung Internet browser

Samsung calls it their fastest Android browser with the perfect user comfort technology.

This browser also supports the feature of syncing all your Samsung tablets and phones in one go.

If you are a Samsung user then there are chances that you have used this browser and if you ain’t then let dive into its features:

  • 360 view and gear VR

    If you are one of them who loves watching the video in 360-degree view then you can easily fulfil your wish with this browser even if you don’t have a headset.

    Make your mind confused with virtual reality with awesome gear VR supported with the Samsung internet browser.

  • Adjustable view

    Whenever you visit a webpage, you can make its text size adjustable or view it in night mode also.

  • Extensions

    Who doesn’t like extensions, pretty much everyone adores it?

    As they give you some extra cutting edge performance over some naïve features.

    This Samsung Android browser comes with resourceful extensions like amazon assistant, video assistant, QR reader and many more, that make your Android experience better.

  • Web payment

    Other than basic features of having multiple tabs, ad blocker Samsung has offered their users web payment feature which will save your debit card number whenever there will be a payment has to be done, in this case, you only have to fill out CVC number while making any online purchases.

  • Power Saving Mode

    With third-party applications, one can use their devices in battery saving mode.But Samsung browser comes with the inbuilt feature of running in power saving mode which can save you from abruptly switching off your phone.

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 samsung browser

Download Sumsung Browser

5. Free Ad-blocker

Who doesn’t want to surf the internet freely without having ads and a fussy dialogue box that always shows up on your screen?

Of course, no one likes this interference! As its name suggests this browser is really much concern about blocking ads plus giving you nice interface also.

Free Ad-block browser also stops ads coming in front of you whenever you stream any video on your android phone.

Over five million downloads, this browser stops every other interference coming over to your web pages.

Its features also include-

  • Block video-ads
  • Block fake virus warnings
  • Saves battery and Data
  • Catchy Interface
  • Block extra pop-ups
  • Private tabs

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 free ad blocker

Download Free Ad-blocker

6. Me browser

They say it’s a true Indian browser as it is developed in India.

This browser has got some colourful theme with chromatic icons as well as taking considerations of user-friendly view.

Me browser is intentively made for the users who want to save up their mobile data.

This browser’s feature is as follows:

  • No image-loadingDon’t have enough internet data to load a webpage full of images, then try it with no image load feature in Me browser which will only show you the relevant reading material on the webpage.
  • Private tab
  • Ad-block
  • Desktop view
  • Lightweight
  • Download manager
  • Multi-tabs

top 6 best new browsers for android 2018 me browser

Download Me Browser

So, this was our list of top 6 best new browsers for android 2018. If you have any query, you can ask in the comment section below.


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