Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2018

Howdy folks! I hope you are doing well with your small trenchant device.

Well, I am just talking about your Android phone.

Getting down to the brass tacks, today we have come up with something that has lots to do with the Youtubers, Vloggers, and cinematographers.

Yep! the video editing app which is just another lifeline for the above-listed professionalism.

Because imagining a Vlogger without video editing app is just like imagining an Android phone without any internet connection.

The raw content which you have shot must be grilled enough to present in front of the audience.

The right angle, perfect music, extra effects everything should fall into the right places.

All this should be done with this little catalyst -video editing app.

So, let’s have a look at these amazeballs best video editing apps for android 2018 which you will surely love.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2018

1. Vlog it

I love vacations! You know the amusement of exploring random places is just a passionate desire which cannot be expressed in words.

For that, one needs a camera to shoot all the stuff and accrue together the ergodic clips to make it a full fledge Vlog and guess what ! this ‘Vlogit’ app can do all the smart work which is needed to be done in a motion video.

You can try out as many important effects on videos as much you want, Another thing which I like about this app is how it gives you the facility of creating thumbnails for your videos because that’s what is going to attract your viewers.

There are a hell lot of another feature which you will surely like, so move your eyeballs a little bit down.

1. After downloading this app, you will be asked to log in and if you don’t want to do it, then chill! You can easily explore it as a guest and still use all those effects.
2. The layering of clips can easily be done, like the same stuff you may have seen in video calling.
3. No worries, because no watermark will be added.
4. You can easily don your videos with versatile stickers.
5. Replace the background sound with your own recorded voice with the voiceover feature.
6. Shimmer your video with adding sound effects and a music track.
7. Easily set up transitions in between different clips.
8. Make your video dinky by making an awesome thumbnail.
9. Play with the speed of video by setting it in fast motion or slow motion.

  • Vlogit - A free video editor made for Vloggers Screenshot
  • Vlogit - A free video editor made for Vloggers Screenshot
  • Vlogit - A free video editor made for Vloggers Screenshot

2. Movavi

Before telling you about this app I am going to split its name Mov-avi, damn you know what ‘avi’ extension is all about.

Now you know how this app has got its moniker.

A clip video editor app lets you do all the stuff of editing, without disturbing or popping out the ads in between clips.

Because we all know how these junky ads disturb our work of making out videos.

Talking about its stuff, the basic tools for editing any videos like setting background music, cutting out clips, fixing some stickers- all these things, the app is going to provide you.

Afterall, your memories should be set up in a cool and magnificent way which will catch a lot of viewer’s eye.

Another feature, which this app has that it can change direction or orientation of video.

Make it horizontally, vertically whatever you want.If you want to use this app to the hilt, have a look at its other features also

1. You can easily set perfect transitions between clips.
2. Trim your favorite part and make it a different clip of it.
3. Set up saturation, dim some brightness according to your need.
4. Add photos to your videos of your choice.
5. Besides photos, it also gives you the chance to add funny stickers.
6. Easily adding of effects like fade-in and fade-out.
7. Live out the moment slowly by trying slow motion effect.

  • Video Editor Movavi Clips Screenshot
  • Video Editor Movavi Clips Screenshot
  • Video Editor Movavi Clips Screenshot

3. Vizmato

Who knows saving memories would be so much fun, with this popular app called Vizmato.

Bundle up with lots of filters, vizamto is surely going to provide users the essential basic tools which are needed for exaggerating any part in a right way.

This app has a feature of adding visual effects to your video like the mirror effect or the pulse effect.

When you will download this app, you will be given a tour of its overall effects where the visual effect would be shown to you with a live example.

Just a little movement of yours in the video can look so much amazing by adding these effects.

Like any other app, filters are also provided, in fact, you can film any scene while applying these themes, so no need to edit your video afterward.

The altering effects of any video are also available in this app where you can easily apply effects of slowing clips or streaming it in beat mode.

Plus the interface of this app is quite handy because all the methods of adding video, applying filters are at the easy approach.

More features of this app are listed below.

1. Various themes are available in this app including horror, Chaplin or pixelate where every aspect of the picture would be shown in pixels.
2. There are two options available in this app-VFX and Sfx.
3. VFX-various effects like zoom, spin, smileys, pulse are stacked up in this app.
4. Sfx-In this mode user can add versatile sounds like echo, chipmunk, applause and much more.
5. Sharing of videos can be easily done via this app.
6. Trimming and merging of videos can easily be done.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2018 VIZMATO

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4. Youcut

Coming up with our next video editing app, here I am presenting you to the ‘youcutapp’.

Its an 18 MB app which is downloaded by more than one million users.

Like the Movaviapp, this app also provides you the ad-free deftness.

If you are new in video shooting arena and want to try your hand at video editing app without paying a hefty amount, then try out youcut which surely gives you every aspect needed for editing video.

Youcut trims your clip and sorts it together according to user needs.

It also has the feature of rotating video in 90° which is as same as changing orientation.

And if you have got some memory issues, then this app can easily solve it out by compressing your video according to the size without losing its original quality.

Check out some another feature of this app also.

1. Edit the background audio of your video by adding some music.
2. Trim and merge is what this app motto.
3. Splash some filters on your videos to make it stand out.
4. Change of aspect ratio is also possible in this app.
5. Provided with no watermark in your videos.
6. The background color of the video is also changeable via this app.
7. Try out the black, white or blur background in your video.
8. Compress your video to save up space.
9. Adjust brightness, saturation, the contrast of your videos to give it a charming effect.

Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android 2018 YOUCUT

5. Quik

The Quik app does not fall into the catalog of ordinary video editing apps.

And why I am saying so because it has the smartness of detecting perfect clip out of your video and sync it with cool music.

As its name suggests it lets you edit your video within minutes.

After downloading the quick app, what I realize, this app is giving you out the video styling effect also, which is not always present in other apps.

For instance, if you have a video of surfing in the sea or doing some skating stuff in the snow, to make it more likable you can use action effect.

Apart from that many other effects are available in this app.

The other side of this video editing app is GoPro which lets you save the clips in the cloud.

You can easily pick out videos from cloud storage whenever you need but for this, you must have an account in GoPro.

Remember when I talked about the smartness of this app, now I am showing you its another instance like how it saves some special clips of videos or photos and the user can easily see it on every twenty-four hours whenever he or she would open this app.

To know more about this app features scroll down a little bit.

1. Quickly help you to cut out photos by automatically detecting faces or you can do it manually.
2. Gives users plenty of videos styles like Grammy, dashing, action and much more.
3. Change of shape of video in a square to make it easily uploaded on Instagram.
4. Cut out some highlights of your own from video or app will do it for you.
5. Decorate your moments with beezer fonts and stickers.
6. Experience the cloud storage with GoPro coming in handy with that app.
7. With GoPro, it also provides you some quick stories feature.
8. Add background music which you can choose from this app or can set up on your own.
9. Edit the scenes by trying out different filters and set some effects of slow and fast motion

  • Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music Screenshot
  • Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music Screenshot
  • Quik – Free Video Editor for photos, clips, music Screenshot

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So, these were our top 5 best video editing apps for android 2018. Hope you liked 🙂

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