Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018

You know the best thing about a memory is when it gets perfectly clicked and captured in a sumptuous way.

Because we all know –

“Every picture has a story to tell”

Wait! what if you got a boring and bovine lens?

Then, how are you supposed to preserve these stories?

Don’t shove it off.

Even with that simple camera, you can make your captured photos look perfectly professional with a pinch of shimmer, reflections and of course garnished with fancy props.

It can easily be done with the cool photo editing apps.

We have gathered the list of amazing top photo editing apps that will make every clicked photo of yours look awesome.

Scroll down this page a little bit and explore the treasure of these astounding photo editing apps.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018


I think for this app, I would like to give a shoutout to selfie lovers.

Because portra is specially made for clicking adorable portraits or selfies and splash them with watery colors filters.

In a vague manner, this app is somewhat like Prisma, which will make your clicked pictures look like handmade

Mainly this app focuses on portraits rather than on any landscape.

Even in landscape mode, it will try to identify faces where the art filters have to be done.

Never afraid to bring out your inner Picasso with this app because you will get to choose a lot of variety of colors to fester on portraits.

Have a look at its features.

  • Lots of frames to design your photos
  • Watery filters
  • Sketchy portraits
  • More than 19 filters
  • User-friendly interface

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 portra

2. Lens distortion app

iOS users probably have known about this app and maybe they had used it to the hilt.

But for most Android users I bet, this is something new – the lens distortion app.

This app lets you add so-called amazing light glare effects which you might have seen on the billboard photographs or in some heavy professional photos.

Its features are surely going to give your clicked photos a cape of shimmer, foggy effect, scintillate lights and lot more.

When I downloaded this app I find its interface easy and elegant, it will simply ask you to choose a photo
where you want to apply all your Picasso skills.

After selecting a photo all the effects which you want to have shall be listed below your image.

So let me give you a quick review of all the features.

  • 1. The various reflections-Blurry, foggy, rainy, shimmery, opaques, blur and so forth are on the menu which you can choose.
  • 2. Adding Layers.
    Why just have only one effect, when you can bedeck your photos with a lot of layers with these featured effects.
  • 3. Premium Pack
    Well, there are a hell lot of features which you can use but there's only one plank which you have to cross is to buy a premium pack for using this glassy and illuminate effect.But don't worry, it has also got winsome effects without premium too.
  • 4. Fast and Easy interface.
  • 5. All features in one click.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 lens distortion

3. Facetune

As its name suggests this app mainly focuses on selfie and portraits.

Like! how on earth who wouldn’t want their selfie be perfect.

This app utterly sums up how your own clicked grimace should be flawless.

Facetune app is a selfie-ready app and lets you have filters of various colors.

If you want to roll on black and white filters or wants to dive into the vintage era, this app will totally help you into this.

Have a look at other features also

  • 1. The Patch
    With just snappy of fingers, you can make your face blemish-free can, apply natural makeup, hide zits and pimples without using heavy editing tools. 
  • 2. Resize, Reshape and refine
    Add a smile, resize jaw, flaunt cheeks in a specific style whatever you want to do can easily be done with this app.
  • 3. Add Frames
    Design your pics with special frames to make it more attractive.
  • 4. Hair editing effects
    Fill up the bald space of a hair or make up your white hair into the black with this app.
  • 5. Compare original and edited photos
    After applying effects compare your edited photos with original one and catch some subtle differences.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 facetune

4. Face app

The worst thing about group photos is when everybody is smiling and there’s one person who poses with a trauma-happened-face.

But if you have got Faceapp the face of seriousness can easily change into smiling grimace.

This app will let you change every aspect of your face, whether you want to make look your face all smiling or decorate with a little smirk, every edit control will be in your hands.

The peaking feature of this app which I found amusing is it can change the gender of the face, with just one snappy of fingers.

You can make yourself laugh with the editing feature of changing yourself from younger to older self.

It just helps you to have to peek a boo at your older contour image.

The other top most features of this app are:

  • Different Collages
  • Face filters
  • Premium filters
  • Edit photo of celebs with an inbuilt web search
  • Face contorting

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 faceapp

5. Zeotropic app

Different from other photo editing apps, this app is famous for doing cinematography on your photos.

If you have hoarded pictures in your gallery of sea-view scenery then this app is just the right cherry for topping.

With amazing effects like the motion, you can exaggerate the right amount of motion of the wave in your photos.

The movement tool arrows can make aright swirl in any portion of your picture.

Check out some other features of this app.

  • 1. Motion effect
    Zeotropic lets you give the effect of motion on your pic just like any other professional desktop exposure.
  • 2. Stabilize effect
    Sometimes, there are other divisions of the photo where motion is not needed, just a little stability in them make them look idyllic and it can be easily done with stable effect.
  • 3. The Mask
    Mask is just an impediment for stoppage of any motion or distractions in your pic.
    While there are features which are free but to give users more cool effects the pro version of this app available which you have to buy.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 Zeotropic

6. LightX

Well, this photo editing app has got some cool effects which are not the naive one like changing the background of images.

There are some users who want to do an experiment on photos and it can easily be executed with this app’s Photoshop skills.

The effect which I am boasting about is where you can change simple pictures by cutting out it’s some part and adjust them with any background with lasso tool available in this app.

Cutting and pasting can look drastically good, I think which very much depends on one’s editing skills.

There is another feature which this app is providing for changing hair color because of some blonde like it as a brunette and vice versa.

Have a look at some other features also.

  • Collage maker
  • Photo editing effects
  • Mould Photos into any shape
  • Doodle and drawings
  • Add various stickers to photos
  • Standard editing tools

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 lightx

7. 8-bit photo lab

If you like being nostalgic then let me remind you some childhood memoirs where you would have seen pictures made of tiny 8-bit pixels or the old video games graphics interface.

Well, this app is somewhat like this, which will make look your clicked photos in the 8-bit pixels manner, that’s why its name is such that.

It will straight away take your photos into a retro look or in any conventional era.

After downloading this app, your eyes are going to have a tour of pixel dots.

Later, choose any photo from gallery or take a pic from your camera.

The image which you have chosen going to have the custom retro effect when you will click on the star icon on the toolbar.

The other features of this app are:

  • 1.Toolbar
    All the features of this app will be available in a toolbar, from colors to dithering graphics, you will get everything.
  • 2.Star effect
    Your original image will turn into any graphical mode you want if you keep tapping on the star icon.
  • 3.Setting up resolutions
    Set up the resolutions of your pic differently according to your choice
  • 4.Different colors
    Decorate your graphical image with random colors of pixel effect.
  • 5.Instant sharing of images on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and much more.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 bitphotolab

8. Photoshop Express

It’s a little express where every other coach is filled with some editing tools.

Anything which you need, to morph your pic is available in this app to be it any effect like summer, vibrant, invert.

Apart from these effect Photoshop express also comprises of basic drawing tools or the weapons you need to crop out, fix or heal your pics.

This app is just another mini version of Adobe Photoshop but with minimal and usable tools.

Like the one used for lighting effect or gorging out any other effect after contorting your pic.

The other effects of this app are listed as:

  • 1. Cutting tools like cropping, reshaping, refining, resizing.
  • 2. Drawing tools- Adding images, Sketching out on existing photos, replacement of faces.
  • 3. Makeup tools – Making your face blemish and zit-free, even tone, white effect.
  • 4.Collage
    Pick up different photos from different roofs and make the best collage with this app.
  • 5.Cloud Adobe
    Make your account on Adobe and access your data from anywhere with just one login.The Adobe ID also let you have extra features apart from basic functionalities.
  • 6.Frames
    Love borders and colorful stripes around your pics then adding frames are the right way to do this.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 photoshop express

9. After light

Afterlight is another photo editing app where images will suffer a huge change after you have edited them.

Sometimes there are pictures which need their contrast, sharpness, and blindness in light in the background, to be set for coming up in the queue of best-edited photos.

This app is a great way for providing you upper hand in editing tools.

You can choose gallery images or can directly click on the camera whatever the exposure you want.

The effects you can change in your images are:
– Clarity
– Brightness
– Contrast
– Exposure
– Highlights

Some other tools you can apply to your image
– Various effects like light leak, instant film
– Basic editing tools like cropping, rotating, resizing
– Layering out with alphabets on top of your image.

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 afterlight

10. Layapp

There are are some people who like to upload their drool-worthy selfies in a collage, ofcourse, if you have got so many perfect shots clicked, you would always want it to show to the world, in a collective manner without furcation.

Layapp is a pluperfect example of creating different collages for your images.

This app will provide you so many layouts for collages, I think that’s why it has got its name layapp.

Plus you can edit your collage and can splatter so many filters on it.

Make a quick look at its features-

  • Various collage layouts
  • Tools for collage editing
  • Amazing stickers to add
  • Design your collage with fancy text
  • Switching of photos in a collage
  • Change your images into high resolution
  • Auto collage creating function

Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android 2018 layapp

So, these were our top 10 best photo editor apps for android 2018. Hope you liked 🙂

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