Top 10 Best Free Android Emulators For PC 2017

Generally, most of the people like Android games and also they want that their games can run on their PC for bigger and better experience.

So, Android emulator for PC helps us to run Android apps, games on your Windows PC.

In the android emulator, we can view a way better experience, multiple instances and great performance on a bigger screen.

And a good thing Gamer’s can also connect Game-pad and joysticks to experience better.

Nowadays, there are so many Android emulators for PC and some are not that really good because they can slow down your computer.

But relax, we bring you the best of the best 10 android emulators for Windows PC for your way better gaming and all those Android experiences on your computer.

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

1. KO Player

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

KO Player is the newly launched Android emulator for PC in the market.

This emulator is totally free, so you can easily download it from their official website.

KO player android emulator support two modes: one is for higher performance and another one is for better compatibility.

You may also set the emulator resolution for your better experience and play games with game-pad, you can also directly share folders from PC to KO Player emulator.

Main Features :

* It can support features like hardware acceleration and OpenGL.
* It can record gameplay.
* Two modes one is for higher performance and another one is for better compatibility.
* Built-in Play store.
* Multiple account support.
* Gamepad & Controller support.
* Runs almost 99% Application perfectly.

Download Here

2. Remix OS Player

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Remix OS Player is most advanced and high-performance emulator.

This android emulator for PC is totally based on ANDROID 6.0 MARSHMALLOW so you can see better user interface.

Remix OS Player is different from other emulators because it is an OS based.

This emulator also has multiple instances but in a new way like you can directly play multiple games in same time.

Main Features :

* Os in an OS.
* Give you feel like full operating system.
* Multitasking like you can chat and smash your opponents in one time.
* Full access to Google Play store.
* Gamepad and Gaming console support.

Download Here

3. Memu Emulator

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Memu Emulator brings you the great experience through its interface it is the high performance and has been checked from all the most popular antivirus and it is the safest emulator.

This emulator have 2X highest performance as compared to the latest flagship phones.

Memu Emulator is based on Android Jellybean, KitKat and Lollipop for user better performance.

Memu Emulator is also recommended by most users.

It has the Macro option by which we can automate mouse and keyboard operations.

Main Features :

* Macro option ( operation record ).
* Play store compatibility.
* Support Android Jellybean, KitKat, and Lollipop.
* Full compatibility with Intel and AMD chipset.
* Create multiple Emulator that helps to play Multiplayer Games.
* Awesome Experience to Play Android Games and Application on PC.

Download Here

4. Android Studio Emulator

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Android studio emulator gives us the high competitive tools by which we can easily interact with the application and games.

It is the official Android emulator by Google.

Android studio emulator gives you to test your apps by different-different android version like Android 2.0 lollipop to Android 8.0.

As you know that this emulator is officially by Google so the latest updates and features will automatically up-to-date.

Main Features :

* To test your apps on a better platform.
* Strong compatibility

Download Here

5. Nox app player

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Nox app player is a highly recommended android emulator for PC because it gives the best experience for playing android games, apps on your Windows PC and Mac.

Nox app player supports high FPS format, compatible with x86/AMD.

Gaming experience with Nox player is like eating cornflakes with milk its a meal for the Gamers.

In this emulator user can easily modify player settings and also we can use gamepad or joystick to experience better.

My best features are that it comes with pre-rooted android version.

Main features :

* support high FPS format
* Pre-rooted version of android
* smooth gameplay
* user interface is simple so the app can run easily.
* Based on Android KitKat 4.4.2.
* Supports keyboard, gamepad
* Script Recording

Download Here

6. Droid4x

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Droid4x is one of the best Android emulator for Windows PC.

Like other emulators, you can do all those things with this android emulator too.

Droid4x comes with Android 4.2.2 KitKat.

Droid4x Emulator gives you the 1280×720 pixels resolution.

The latest version of Droid4x is 0.10.6 which gives us a better experience to surf and play games.

They fixed the bug error and problems with compatibility issues, games and all.

Main Features :

* ease access with Google gameplay.
* You can activate the GPS Feature if you are using the Android device.
* Snapshot feature is there for those people who love to snap something.
* Multitasking.

Download Here

7. Bluestacks

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Bluestacks is the first android emulator for android gaming for Windows PC.

This is an American technology which is developed in the year 2009.

Bluestacks Emulator is compatible with the most powerful app running in one time.

The one thing that is not good in this Emulator is after few days of running this Emulator it will automatically give Ad’s which is most hated by many people.

Although this emulator has built-in Play store and other app centers.

Main Features :

* Configure the game setting and also remember our setting so we don’t have to adjust it every time.
* One another app center to ease our downloading solutions.
* Play many games in same time.
* Runs in windows and mac.

Download Here

8. Visual Studio Emulator

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Here’s the Microsoft comes up with an Android emulator for PC.

Visual studio emulator is same as Android studio emulator but as we know Android studio Emulator is powered by Google so Visual Studio is not better than Android studio emulator.

It comes with Hyper-V compatibility.

This emulator is might be used by many people because of their user interface which is as good and gives us a wide range to execute our Apps and other stuff.

Main Features :

* To channel our gaming experience.
* Google play support for download and surf.
* Record and play our experience with Android emulator.
* Run multiple apps in same time.

Download Here

9. Genymotion

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Genymotion is the most used by developers because it is easy to use and gives a highly capable android based from the different version.

Here you can test your app in the suitable android platform.

This android emulator works in a rapid and virtual way so the developers can easily test their apps.

Genymotion gives us much more and powerful tools to test your apps.

Main Features :

* To test app in different Android OS.
* capability to test most powerful app.

Download Here

10. Xamarin Android player

Top 10 Best Android Emulator For PC 2017

Another android emulator for developers but it is not that much good as Genymotion and Android studio emulator.

In Xamarin android player you can test your apps in multiple factors.

This android emulator is also available for Mac.

Main Features:

* A testing platform for developers.
* Support for Mac and windows.
* Compilation for apps.

Download Here

Hope you liked our list of  Android Emulators For PC, go and play hard.


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