How To Make Payment Through Google Tez App | Complete Guide

Technology is taking a new turn every day, a turn which can sometimes prove fruitful to mankind or sometimes the swirl has so much power that it takes no time to vanish everything.

Talking about turns new gadgets, apps, websites are being developed right now.

Surely, the people all around the world are relishing this new kind of flavors of these inventions.

The much talk about application right now is Google Tez app.

This app has already taken the memory space in lakhs of mobiles.

Let me clarify what kind of app is this.

Basically, it is a UPI based payment app like any other apps such as Paytm or “Modi’s launched BHIM” app.

You may now start thinking that this an another unified payment app and yes it is.

As any other app, this has also followed down a marketing scheme of attracting customers via broaching some money to the users for their first transaction.

The main advantage of this app is that users can do the transaction without sharing its personal details, payment will be directly from a bank account.

There will be no fuss about e-wallets like Paytm where the users have to maintain its different box of money.

This app is currently supported with almost 55 banks where all the process of transactions will occur and provide users different types of languages including Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali and much more.

How To Make Payment Through Google Tez App Complete Guide

If you have downloaded the app and don’t know how to use it and want to know about its features then read some of its steps that will enlighten you how to use this.

Download Tez App
    1. After downloading the app, you will be asked to choose a language from the options Hindi, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi and Tamil.
    2. Then you have to enter the phone number which has been registered with your bank account.
    3. Further, you will be asked to choose an account which will be visible to other users or if you don’t have an account then you can create it by choosing new account option.
    4. When you have filled all your details including phone number and account name, a 6-digit OTP will be sent to you.

Verifying Mobile Number in Google Tez App

    1. Verify your OTP and then create a Google PIN of 4-digit which you will be using while opening this app every time.This has done to ensure the safety of user details and transactions.
    2. To attach bank with Tez, you have to click on ADD BANK ACCOUNT.
    3. Now you have to select your bank.

Add bank account to tez

    1. Then enter your UPI pin. If you have not created UPI pin then it will ask you to create one.

Enter UPI Pin

How can you pay through this App?

You can pay to anyone with the help of mobile number, If you have saved their number to whom you have to pay the amount then their name will automatically show in the app.

Just tap on the icon there you would have two options Pay or Request.
pay and request in tez app

If you have to take money from someone just select request else choose pay option.Further, you will be asked to choose your bank from where the money will be deducted.
pay through tez app

There is also a facility of chatting with your payers or payee.

Ping them with a message whenever you have owed money to someone.

Another method is a kind of Bluetooth mode where users will be able to make transactions if they are close by.

You need click on the ‘Cash’ button in the Google Tez app.

If you have any questions related to Google Tez App then you can comment below.

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