How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone | Step By Step Guide

In this modern era, social networking sites have become the fastest and free medium to connect with the world.

Among all, the most powerful and fascinating network that’s getting popular day by day is Twitter.

It is the widespread application where the user posts different images, videos or content and communicate with each other via messages & tweets.

Tweets…!! That’s exactly we’re going to talk about in this article.

Everybody wants a lot of tweets & likes on their post & memes in order to get their content viral on social sites.

But you might always struggle with getting high engagement and Tweets on your posts.

What if you got some trick to make tweets on your twitter account or posts as many as you want.


But it is actually possible..!!

Fake tweets is an application that helps you get numerous fake tweets on your trolls and memes.

How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone Step By Step Guide

Why do we need Fake Tweet app?

The best use of Fake Tweet application is to make different

  • Memes
  • Pranks
  • Jokes
  • Fake comments
  • And Trolls

Meme & trolls are nothing but a piece of media or activity on the web which conveys some entertaining or funny message from one person to another.

But they only get popular when it has a plenty number of tweets, likes or comments.

So, using this app, you can –

Create some funny memes -> add millions or billions of fake tweets or likes on those memes -> and spread it anywhere to get likes, comments, and shares.

Such type of apps is usually used by social media pages and groups whose main aim is to deliver fun and engage more & more audience towards their pages.

See What Type Of Fake Tweets & Memes Can Be Made Tweets

Here are some real examples which have been created using fake Tweet Application

Example 1:

vijay mallya fake tweet

Example 2:

narendra modi fake tweet

Example 3:

airtel fake tweet

What will you get?

To get lot and lot of Likes, Tweets & Shares, Fake Tweet is the best application ever.

You can make different trolls, entertaining pictures, or comical memes, in order to post them on Twitter.

Not only on Twitter, the post you create with Fake Tweets app can also be shared on Facebook, Instagram, and other social networking sites where you want to get engagement.

Star feature of the application:


  • All the tweets you are going to make with the application are highly customizable.
  • You can add a verified mark with the tweets that will help you to improve the credibility of your account.
  • Put on some interesting images along with the tweet to make it look funnier.
  • Increase likes count, retweet counts, reply tweet and a lot more as many as you want.

Data Fetching

  • Another functionality which makes this app unique from other is the fetching up of data of any user.
  • By simply adding the @username, you can fetch out all the latest tweets, profile image, and other information of that particular user and create trolls or memes on it.

Create A Fake Tweet: Step By Step Guide

1.  Download the Fake Tweets App from Google Play Store.

How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone Step By Step Guide 1

2. Now, login to the app with your Twitter account. If you do not have an account, create here.

How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone Step By Step Guide 2

3. Once you get a login, enter the username on which you want to create a fake tweet.

4. After adding the username, you can also fetch the recent Tweet of that particular user or create a new.

5. Let’s create a new tweet – Thing that even Mark Zuckerberg cannot buy?

How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone Step By Step Guide 3

6. Now, click on the retweet option->add any number of retweets that you want on your question->click on tick. Fake tweet count will get increased.

7. Similarly, you can click on the like option, add a number of counts and increase your likes as per your wish.

8. Likewise, click on the field which you to edit and make changes according to your requirement.

9. After that, you’ll get four icons below where the first one is of reply, on clicking which you can create dummy replies as many as you want.

10. So, I’ve added a dummy reply to my question with the name Mark Zuckerberg – Beard

11. The 2nd icon is for the retweet, the third one is for like & last but not the least is for sending a message.

How To Make Fake Tweets In Android Phone Step By Step Guide 4

12. Once you’re done with the changes, take a screenshot by clicking on the fourth option and your 1st fake tweet is ready to post and viral 🙂

In this way, you can create entertaining jokes and pranks for fun & entertainment using Fake Tweet app and increase your social likes, page ranks, and popularity.

More About The Fake Tweet Application…

  • One can save as many Twitter users as he wants in the user area.
  • Also, download the background YouTube player from the setting option.
  • Capture or save all your created memes in a single click.

Note: The application has also got some advanced features like night mode for which you need to switch to its premium package which is of Rs.30 only.


This is how one can get real looking fake tweets on their post and increase the engagement & audience to their social media networks with the help of Fake tweet application.

So, enjoy the app…make funny things…get millions & billions of tweets..and keep entertaining the users.

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