Everything You Need To Know About Lawnchair Launcher | App Review

Ok Guys! Before you start reading further, let me tell you this post is not about some lawn and chair, but this is surely an android launcher whose name is just like that when you pronounce it, will automatically sound like a launcher(pretty cool uh? Lawnchair).

Before digging up the subsequent information I want to show you its tagline which is “No tagline needed”.

Yes, you read it right “No tagline needed” is its tagline. It seems this android launcher has got some awesome stuff like- it has got that launcher name itself(remember the Pun?) and they don’t need any cliché tagline to promote it.

So let me enlighten you more about this application.

Basically, this Launcher is an android open source project developed by a bunch of guys and this app is still under construction.

If I am saying, this app is under construction it doesn’t mean that you cannot install it.

You can install and use this launcher as much as you want but you will act as its beta tester.

Lawnchair launcher will amazingly improve your experience of using Android phones as you will get a better interface, better quality and better things to do on a simple Android smartphone.

So do you want to make your experience awesome by using android phone?

Then let’s dive into this app and explore its stunning stuff.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review

1. No need of root

Whenever there are some changes you want to make through apps and extra extensions, pretty much they required you to root your android phone.

By doing so it may give you some beyond rights to change the custom features of your smartphone.

But this lawnchair launcher app does not require a root android phone to enable its working.

This ‘no root’ feature gives it some extra edge over other launchers which intentively require you to root your android phone.

Just go to play store, search about lawnchair launcher and tap on the install button and there you go! No fuss of rooting your android.

2. The Pixel effect

Once in your life, you may have wished for Google Pixel but due to some circumstances, Pixel has always been far away from your hands.

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But that launcher can almost make you basking in Pixel android phone.

Whatever are the characteristics of Google’s pixel shall be shown to you in the same way via this launcher.

As you will install Lawnchair launcher application, your android screen will take a new form like tony stark turns into Ironman when he pulls off his armour suit.

Surely the icon of the apps on the home screen will change and a quick fascinated interface shall be presented in front of you.

This Pixel UI features you can experience in this launcher by enabling them in the setting:

  • Pixel top bar

    The Google search box is the default feature of Pixel android phone which is called the Pixel top bar, you can take it as a signature piece of interface available in google’s android.

    When you will install this launcher this pixel top bar shall be shown to you, all you have to do is just swipe this google icon for accessing web pages.

  • Google assistant button

    If Apple has Siri then Google has its assistance and the hiring of this assistance will be almost easy as doddle.

    Within the side of pixel top bar, you can create a shortcut of Google assistant button which will be an easy way of retrieving it rather than accessing it through the long way.

  • Circular Pixel icons

    Sometimes the shape of icons is needed enough to make your android interface catchy.If you seem to be tired of old-school shapes of icons then even an alternative look change your tiredness into elation state.

    This alternative look is a ‘circular pixel of icons’ which comes in handy with the Lawnchair launcher.

  • Round app search bar

    As same as the circular pixel icon, this feature will make the box of app-search in a round shape, making it’s more interesting and adorned.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review pixel effect

3. Icon Pack

There comes a time when you get tired of seeing the same design of icons again and again.

The thought of changing these little tiny heads had surely stuck in your mind even for once.

If that is so, then change your icons with icon pack, whichever you will install from play store.

Lawnchair launcher will let you choose one of the amazing icon pack from your respective menu.

When you had installed the application, long press for about a second then click on the settings and then icon pack, further you can choose the icon pack which you want to get implemented.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review Icon pack

4. The Dock

Nearly everyone wants to customize their dock, of course, they do, as it is the main part of any android phone.

You power on your android and it is the first thing you will see in front of you.

Some want to make it exaggerated or some want to make it transparent.

These changes can easily be done through the options available in the setting of the Lawnchair launcher under the name of the dock.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review dock

5. Notification dots

If I am assuming that you had already installed this launcher then do it whatever the steps I am going to tell you.

Just tap a little longer on any of the apps on your home screen.

Suddenly a small dialogue box will appear which would brief you about the app like which icon app has been used or gives you options like edit, widgets etc.

This notification dots feature is not only supported with dock but also work with the other apps on your smartphone.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review Notification dot

6. Customizing the apps

We want to rule our android phone and maybe that’s why it has given us so many privileges to make it so.

Plus this launcher is a nice reference to get you all customization done.

Lawnchair launcher can let you change the name of your apps on the screen, you can give any name to your apps whichever suits you.

Even you can change the size of your icon and can apply any theme which your mind want to dwell into.

Lawnchair Launcher App Review customization


To install or not to install?

Clearly, this lawnchair launcher is providing you all the rights of customization which any user wants to have it on their android phone.

As their developers are saying that they are giving pixel features to the masses so surely you are going to savour the characteristics of Google Pixel.

For instance, the Google integrated search bar which you can only retrieve with the swipe of your finger and much more other features that will give a new look to your smartphone.

So go ahead and try a Hand on!

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