Here’s What People Are Saying About Hypocam | App Review | Camera App

Nowadays everybody has come on social media.

Your uncle is posting selfies on Facebook, your grandmother is finding new formulas on twitter, and your beautician is drawing in new clients by posting her work on Instagram.

Whenever I open Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the whole news feed is filled with photos and selfies.

That’s why Android camera apps are also trending.

Everybody needs to have the freedom to tune and apply distinctive filters or presets to their pictures without taking up excessively time.

Nowadays apps have been so enhanced that you can take photos like DSLR from your Android mobile.

Android apps have rapidly advanced its capabilities in mobile photography.

Today we are about to review an app that is an android camera app.

Hypocam is an Android camera app that is a famous for Black and White Photography.

This camera app is perfect for those who like the black and white color.

Most people show their motivational story with black and white photos.

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Converting color photo to Black and White

We can do a lot of converting of color photos to Black and White.

This app is fully dedicated to Black and White and has a very thoughtful feature set.

Photo quality

If you talk about the photo quality of this app then the super sharp photo can be taken from this app and tonal range of photos is awesome.

Some basic features missing

There is no centralized focus in this Android application.

You will not get zooming and auto rotation functions in this app.


Today, minimalism has reemerged as a capable strategy in present-day design.

This app is simple with a beautiful minimalistic design.

This app does what it says.


Speed is a segment of the application user’s experience.

The loading and transitioning speed of this application are slightly slow.

Hope this app will get better and much smoother.

In this app, it seems that the app is crashing on the every transition.


Filters are also given in this camera app, you can give your photo a new look, but there are not many filters available in this app.

Hues are slightly more dynamic, yet normally—nothing appeared to be intensely filtered or oversaturated.

If you are a Black and White lover, definitely use this app once.

If you are not a “black and white” lover, you probably will not like this app.

I know there are some rough edges in this app, but there are so many features in it that are dedicated to black and white.

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