How to use 2 or more WhatsApp accounts in one phone | WhatsChat Multiple Accounts

Do you know How to use 2 or more WhatsApp accounts in one phone?

So if you don’t know, then you are at right place.

There comes a time where you have to maintain multiple WhatsApp account for different numbers.

If you are so much naïve then you would think of having umpteen Mobile sets for every WhatsApp number.

I think this is the only way you can choose, for using two or more WhatsApp.

But if you are not living under a rock and have a decent knowledge about applications you must have met “Whatschat” nowadays.

If you fall into former category then let me introduce you guys, the cloning app Whatschat which sounds like somewhat WhatsApp.

Personally, I call it a cloning machine which produces as many numbers of WhatsApp as per users need like biochemistry students do experiments by cloning DNA of living creatures.

Don’t worry I am not making you study science and all those stuff.

Got 2? 3? Or 4? mobile numbers and want to have WhatsApp of each and everyone.

Then boom!here you got- Whatschat app.

No fuss of keeping so many applications and preserving different contacts at different locations.

How to use 2 or more WhatsApp accounts in one phone

Let’s See How to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one mobile

  1. Download the Whatschat app from play store.
  2. How to use 2 or more WhatsApp accounts in one phone

  3. Open the app.
  4. Press on clone button to make multiple WhatsApp account.
  5. How to use 2 or more WhatsApp accounts in one phone

  6. Name the clone. You can give it any name you want to.
  7. The number of time you press clone button, the number of WhatsApp account will create.
  8. The rest procedure is same as installing WhatsApp.

Features of Whatschat

  1. Lightweight App

    After knowing that this app maintains a different number of WhatsApp, you may have assumed, it surely going to take up a lot of memory but actually, it is the other way round.

    Its a 4.6 MB of application that really provides you handy things which comes with a normal WhatsApp.

    Even it can work perfectly on a phone who has only got 1gb of RAM.

    This app will not make your phone halt even if you don’t have much RAM for it.

    Be free of the chaos which can be created after downloading heavy applications from play store.

  2. Multiple WhatsApp

    That is the peak point of this application, it allows the user to have multiple clones of WhatsApp which they can use simultaneously in a single device.

    Just make a jump from one icon of WhatsApp to another where you want to be online without creating any dilemma.

  3. Privacy

    If you are thinking that having umpteen WhatsApp under one roof will mix your messages then you are absolutely wrong.

    Your message will stay in the same arena of single WhatsApp clone and will not intervene in another WhatsApp number.

    Plus to boost your privacy more, this app won’t hoard your personal information as the other apps do, all your contacts, data will not be accessible by Whatschat.


These above features sum up how being a small size application it gives you all the privilege of deploying a number of WhatsApp on a single android phone.

If you do need to perpetuate your multiple mobile numbers on the different WhatsApp then make your hand reach in downloading this application, I am sure you won’t regret it.

If you have a query how to use 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone, then you can ask in the comment section.

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