How to send whatsapp message to unsaved number on Android

Do you know how to send WhatsApp message without saving number on Android?

If not, you are at right place.

WhatsApp has really changed the way we communicate and many people are more comfortable using WhatsApp than making a call or even sending an SMS.

But there are times when you need to send a WhatsApp message to someone whose contact you are not very comfortable saving on your phone.

In such a case WhatsDirect is a cool and a very nifty app that is available for Android phones.

WhatsDirect is an application that will basically eliminate all of your pain points and you will be able to send messages without having the contact previously saved on your device.

So this is a big headache that we normally have that when we need to send someone message through WhatsApp, we first have to go ahead and save it on my contacts and then refresh and then it will be available for us to send a message.

With WhatsDirect app you can send WhatsApp messages and media directly to any number without saving it.

how to send WhatsApp message without saving number on Android

Here is how?

  • Install WhatsDirect from playstore.
  • Open the app.
  • Enter WhatsApp number.
  • Enter your text message.
  • how to send WhatsApp message without saving number on Android

  • Press ‘Send Text’ button to send message.
  • Same procedure for sending a media file.

So this was very simple trick to send WhatsApp messages without saving contact number in the device.

You just need to install this application and add the number and send a WhatsApp message directly to that number and you will not be required to save that contact.

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