How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp | Easy methods

Hello guys, what’s up? Welcome to Droid Customizer and today I m going to tell you easy methods how to see deleted messages on WhatsApp on your Android device.

As you know with the latest WhatsApp update you can recall your sent messages and not only you can delete that message for yourself but also for everyone now.

This new feature is really cool to have but there can be a situation where you need the deleted text as a proof.

So now you are off to worry about anything just follow these two methods and you will be able to get back all those deleted messages on WhatsApp.

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1. Using Notification History App

In this particular notification history app, you will be able to see those deleted messages so for that you have to get into this application and inside of that, you will be able to see that particular text that was sent by your friend to you.

Even if it is deleted it will be there and along with that, you’ll also receive the notification that particular text message was deleted but it will only be deleted from your original WhatsApp.

You will get that particular deleted text inside of this app and you will be able to get to see the perfect time when the text message was sent and along with that the date and also when the message will be deleted, you will be able to see that time when the message was deleted.

So by using this app you are not only getting the deleted text message but also the perfect time and the date when it was sent and when it was deleted.

For this, you need to download Notification History app from play store.

How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp using Notification history app

Download Notification History

Then you have to give accessibility permission and show in the image below.

How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp using Notification history app

So if someone will delete the WhatsApp message it will save in Notification History app.

So just open Notification history app and tap on contact of WhatsApp which have deleted the message.

So you can get deleted WhatsApp message there.

How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp using Notification history app

So by using this method you see all who deleted WhatsApp messages.

2. Using DirectChat App

So let’s talk about the second method, so for this, we need to get an application which is Direct Chat that is from Playstore.

This application is perfectly fine and free in play store.

What this app does is that it creates chat hits for all your messengers and also for other social apps like Instagram, Twitter, and more.

So you can get facebook messenger like chat heads for all your messengers and kind of social platforms.

Download DirectChat App

Now coming to the question then how this application will help you to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Now, whenever someone will text you in your WhatsApp if you have this app installed on your Android that text message will not only come in your WhatsApp but also will come inside of the Direct Chat app in form of a chat head.

Note: You to give Notification access permission to DirectChat App

Now you can just open up the Chat Head and read the message.

How to See Deleted Messages on Whatsapp using direct chat app

And whenever that particular person will delete the text message from original WhatsApp, what happens is that you will get a notification in the direct chat app that the message was deleted but along with that particular message which was deleted will also be there.

So you will be able to check out both the messages what message was sent to you and even a notification that it was deleted will also be there just below it.

So this one is an amazing way to find out those deleted text message so if you want you can definitely go for this method.

3. Using WhatsAppDeleted App

To see deleted WhatsApp messages we have WhatsAppDeleted app.

This app is available on the Play Store but you might not have got hands on it before.

So, this app basically recovers any deleted messages from all of your WhatsApp conversations.

So if you get any message from any of your friend and you somehow missed the message and you haven’t yet read that message on WhatsApp.

Now if your friend deletes the message from WhatsApp, but do not worry as with the app WhatsAppDeleted you can recover and view any deleted messages from any conversation from WhatsApp.

So this app is just like a backup drive for all the deleted WhatsApp messages simple but yet handy at times so do check this app.

WhatsApp Deleted Message App

Download WhatsAppDeleted

So this was our article on how to see deleted WhatsApp messages on the android phone.

Above steps are super simple so go ahead and choose any method and get back all those deleted messages.

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