How to get Google Pixel 2 Home Screen Setup on any Android Phone

After the immense success of Google pixel, Google pixel 2 has come.

Google has finally launched it’s pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL smartphone.

Both of these phones will directly compete with iPhone 8, iPhone 8 plus, iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

I cannot say whether you will be able to afford this mobile or not but I can say that you can enjoy Google pixel 2 Interface on your any Android device.

Yes, you can make your any Android device interface look like Google pixel 2.

So keep reading this post you will know how to do.

In this post will tell you how you can get Google pixel 2 like a home screen in your any Android device.

Step-By-Step Guide

How to get Google Pixel 2 Home Screen on any Android Device

To make your any Android device look like Google pixel 2’s home screen, first, you need to install Pixel Icon Pack and Nova Launcher.

pixel icon pack and nova launcher

After installing the both apps, open Nova Launcher.

Select LIGHT theme.

light theme

Then select IMMERSIVE app drawer style.

select immersive

Select SWIPE UP open app drawer action.

select swipe up

Tap and hold Search bar and click on edit.

tap search box

Then select Logo style Search bar as shown in the image below.

select seach bar

Open the app drawer and go to Nova settings.

select nova settings

Inside Nova Settings, click Desktop.

select desktop

Inside Desktop menu go to Icon layout and make Icon size 110%.

icon layout and size

Now go to Dock option under Nova Settings.

select dock

Click on Dock Background and make Transparency 100%.

Dock background

Under Dock, in Advanced section, toggle on the Dock as overlay option.

dock overlay

Now under Nova Settings, go to Look & feel option.

look and feel

Click on Icon theme and select Pixel Icon Pack.

icon theme and pixel icon pack

Now adjust the icons of the home screen as shown in the image below and remove app labels from each Icon.


Go to play store, install Ghosty Zooper Widgets and Zooper Widget Pro.

Ghosty zooper widget and zooper widget pro

Now go to Widget, and scroll down to Zooper Widget Pro and select Zooper Widget 5×2 and drag that widget to home screen.

zooper Widget 5x2

Tap on that widget and select Ghosty.

zooper widget ghosty

Then select Widget 021 and go to Layout and remove all the stuff under Module Manager except Date and place.

widget 021 layout

Ta-Da!! Your Google Pixel 2 home screen is ready on your device.

final home screen google pixel 2 xl

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