Features Of Square Home Launcher That Make Everyone Love It

Today we will review square home launcher. Believe it or not, the capacity to customize Android phones is fabulously important to users.

Indeed, even who is non-technical will at some point or another need to change the default background or wallpaper on their android phones.

In the event that you make a stride towards further advanced android customization, you’ll take in it’s conceivable to totally change your Android phone with different launchers and widgets, cool textual styles, lock screen applications, and icon packs.

So let’s talk about Square Home Launcher and review it in deep. Square Home Launcher is basically for the metro UI lovers of windows 10.

You can get the feel of Windows on the android device with this launcher.

Features Of Square Home Launcher That Make Everyone Love It

Easy and Powerful

Luckily, you can easily customize the interface looks of your Android phone to Metro UI of Windows 10 and influence it to suit your enjoying.

Square Home Launcher is powerful and lets you choose which one of your downloaded applications you need to show on the home screen of your android phone.

Easy and powerful

Smart App Drawer

One of the greatest things that separate Android from iOS is the application drawer.

Rather than the working framework simply hurling the greater part of your application icons into a jumbled load on your home screen, most can be concealed perfectly in the app drawer, which, basically, is fundamentally the same as the Windows Start menu.

Square Home Launcher have smart app drawer which will help you to organize your apps properly.

Smart app drawer

List Type App Drawer

Most launchers now give alphabetical vertical app drawer. They enable you to look one after another in order.

This launcher also provides an option to manage or arrange your apps in alphabetical order.

List type app drawer

Easy Access to Contacts

Smart Home Launcher gives you the easy access to your contacts with grid menu having a photo of your contact which gives awesome look.

easy access to contacts


This launcher is perfect for both large tablet as well as a small tablet.In both, you will get an awesome look.

This application is intended for tablet user also, simply go to grid setting and customize this application as per your home screen size.


Main feature:

> Plenty alternatives for customization.
> Beautiful tile impacts.
> Quick access to your contacts.
> Perfect metro style UI and tablet support.
> Smart application drawer: sorts the best on the first by utilizing patterns of application.
> Showing notifications and count on the tile.
> Vertical scrolling in the page and horizontal scrolling from page to page.


If you want to try something new for your Android device and want to give new look to your device? What are you waiting for? download this windows square home launcher now and appreciate the new windows phone style or metro theme on your phone.

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