Top 7 Best New Launchers For Android 2018 That You Must Try

Hey guys, we are back with our new post top 7 best android launcher 2018.

2017 has gone and now its time for the brand new year 2K18 which means you will get to go through new phases, new resolutions, new instances and as it was anticipated new Applications! for your astounding Android phone.

This time we have come up with something which will make your Android Phone look badass, different from rest of the other, which don’t go along with the tide.

I am talking about some nice and stable launcher that surely will redesign your android.

Yes! With the coming of new year, we have gathered some amazeballs launchers.

So stop asking yourself these fairy themed questions like:-

“Mirror Mirror on the wall.
Which is the best launcher of them all?”

Go have a look into these best new launchers for android 2018!

Top 7 Best New Launchers for Android 2018

1. LaunchBoard

You probably have heard words like keyboard, Blackboard or cupboard, but have you ever heard about Launchboard?

I know it sounds quaint, but never mind let me introduce you to this amazing launcher called ‘LaunchBoard’.

Its prominent feature is that it will help you in accessing your applications with just one click on the keyboard.After downloading this application, you can set it in the dock or can place it on your home screen.

When you want to open any application just tap it on Launchboard icon and then the keyboard will pop up in front of you.

All you have to do is type the first letter of the name of the application, then the app icon will appear on your screen in no time, which you can easily access it.Like, write ‘g’ for an open gallery on the keyboard instead of searching throughout all the apps.

This Launcher saves you from all the tizz which you get while finding the apps on your phone.

  • Favourite box of Apps

    With the LaunchBoard launcher, you can set some of the frequently used apps as ‘favorite’ apps.

    Above the keyboard of this Launcher, there is some blank space reserved which shows you like apps.

    You can make your app favourite by long pressing on it.

    And you can access it clicking on the heart shape key located in extreme right position of the keyboard.

  • Icon Pack

    We like things by our own choice and that includes to choose icon pack on our own also.

    Well, this app doesn’t set up a barricade for you so that you can choose any icon pack patently, downloaded from play store.

  • Theme

    The shiny armour, with which you open your apps in snapping of fingers, in the LaunchBoard launcher.

    Yup, the keyboard.It has got some colour themes which you can change in settings easily.

    Just choose any of the colour including green, red or white to make it flamboyant.

Some other Features:

  • App hiding
  • Changeable Widget Size
  • Customizing Icon in rows and columns
  • App drawer

LaunchBoard Best New Android Launcher 2018

2. Lawnchair Launcher

For me, the moniker of this launcher is punny, just try to speak its name quickly you’ll find why I’m saying so.

In the game of launchers, this launcher is providing you with the pixel effect in a substantial way.

Because everyone is not a fan of apple or windows themed launcher, there are some people who are fond of Google Pixel also and this launcher is ready to give them feels in their bones just according to their taste.

This launcher has not released yet, but you can install it as a normal application.

The features of this Launcher are:

  • Lawnfeed

    Lawnfeed is as just as same as google news feed which you can access quickly with just one swipe of a finger.

    Like the Lawn which usually situated alongside your home, the newsfeed will also abide next to your home screen.

  • Notification dots

    When you will long press any application a small box will pop up which will show you the current activity of your apps and will also show you all notifications like the message,call etc corresponding to the type of app.

  • Customization

    This launcher will never create boredom with the same shapes and themes of apps but can entertain you with the amazing sizes of icons which you can find in the setting of this application.

LawnChair Launcher Best Android Launcher for Android 2018

3. Aio Launcher

Aio Launcher is a type of launcher which will provide you everything in just one home screen.

There are times when the user doesn’t want to have chinky icons, themes, extra features.

For them, it is just a big complexity or we can say a ball of mess.

Instead of running from post to pillar in your android phone, this launcher will provide everything important on just one home screen.

From all of these you may gauge the features of this launcher but still, you need to check out these features.

  • Monitor on your homescreen

    All the information which you need, about your phone, will be shown to you in the monitor section of this launcher.

    It will apprise you about how much battery has been used, the usage of Ram or Nand.These little pieces of info will be shown to you in just one slab.

  • Handy App drawer

    When I told you that you will get everything on your home screen, you may have wondered how you will access all the application in a tiny place.

    The answer to your question is Handy App drawer which will be hidden on your home screen and you can easily open it with a swipe of your finger.

  • Mails, Twitter and NewsFeed

    If you are an avid user of Twitter and have a habit of reading tweets from time to time and you can’t stop your fingers from checking news feed, emails then this launcher has just got at the edge of your needs.

    Your home screen will give you every paramount of your emails or all that stuff.

    And one more thing you can easily check the bitcoin price on your home screen also.

  • Attractive Interface

    Don’t assume that your interface will not look attractive after having everything -be it an application, widgets and much more on one page.

    In fact, you can make it look winsome by resizing the widgets or applying themes which this launcher provides you in the settings.

Aio Launcher New Android Launcher 2018

4. Microsoft Launcher

No, No…Just because it is built by Microsoft, this launcher is not going to give you the feels of the window but surely much more than that.

It was formerly known as Arrow launcher when it has slid into play store like three or more years ago.

But now its name has been changed to Microsoft Launcher.

This launcher will give you convenience from connecting your personalize feed with pc to having awesome bing wallpapers.

Let’s have a look at its features.

  • Utility Page

    Personally, this one is my favourite, the chief Utility Page.

    Pretty much this page provides you everything including your favourite contacts, frequently used apps, pics and all that stuff.

    To get this utility page you have to swipe right in your phone and then there you are in a whole new arena which will show all of your interests things.

    You will even get your calendar events, contacts icons, clicked pics news on this page.

  • Bing Wallpaper Widget

    This widget comes in handy with this Launcher which lets you change the wallpaper on your android phone.

    It is somewhat like a small wheel which keeps rotating and simultaneously changing background pictures after you will click on it.

    You can place it on your home screen or along with the other apps wherever you want.

  • The extended dock

    We all have seen the dock on the home screen of the android phone, but have you seen the extended Dock?

    That comprises of notifications icons also.

    Well, this launcher has some sort of special dock that gets extended when you swipe up and on that part, you will encounter some icons of notification bar like airplane mode, brightness, mobile data and much more.

    You caneven swap their places by long pressing and drag them to any suitable places.

  • Search Engine

    Microsoft Launcher provides you bing search engine along with the Qr code scanner.

    This Scanner helps you check out any barcode further providing you information after deciphering the code.

    Like any other Search Engine, it has also got search through voice picture, which will search anything as you will stop talking.

    Another prominent feature of this search Engine is that it will show your frequent used apps if you will wipe it down and plus you can also launch any application by typing its starting letter in the search engine.

  • Customization

    Customization is something which every Android user wants including changing of Icon pack giving them a furnished look.

    Microsoft launcher has the inbuilt function of changing the size of apps in case you don’t want to use the icon pack installed from play store.

    In the settings, you will also get features of turning on and off personalized feed and it will even let you decide- which things you want to show it on that page.

    Besides these, there are plenty of colours which you can choose as your theme for header or for the background.

Microsoft Best New Launcher for Android 2018

5. Mini Desktop

The mini desktop is just another launcher which claims to be the lightest launcher present in play store till now.

It is of just 270Kb.

If you are facing some issues regarding memory on your android phone, but also want a nice launcher with awesome features then you have just met the comfort of your android phone.

You will be basking in some nice interface of this launcher and your phone’s memory will be consumed less.

  • Hiding and Locking the Apps

    If you are one of them whose phone is always in others hand and who always want to keep their privacy safe, then this launcher provides you with the facility of locking your apps and even you can hide your apps also.

    So, Don’t bother with your data or apps and give your phone freely to other people by jumping into this feature.

  • Grouping of Apps

    Things look great when they are perfectly maintained.

    So are your apps! You can easily create a separate box or kind of folder for the same type of apps.

    Like you can maintain a different group for all the games installed on your phone.

  • The Dock

    There is something different about the Dock of this launcher, like any other conventional Launcher, it doesn’t let you place your frequently used app in Dock.

    But it gives you the unlimited space for storing as many apps to the Dock as you can.

    Well, this has given some extra edge.

Mini Desktop Best Android Launcher 2018

6. S+ S8 Launcher

S+ S8 launcher is ready to give you the experience of Samsung Galaxy s7 and s8.

Don’t worry if you were not able to get the Samsung Galaxy phone but you can make your experience just like it on any Android phone, with this launcher.

Make a quick sight of its features:

  • Flexible app drawer

    Okay, you don’t like sidebar app drawer, you can go for horizontal style and if you also don’t like this then you can opt list style.

    See! you can have as many options when you want to access this app drawer.

    Let your fingers be flexible with the installation of this launcher.

  • Samsung icon pack

    Like it’s named suggest.

    You can change your icon pack in Samsung Galaxy themed icons or if you want something new then you can also install third-party icon pack application.

Other features:

  • Edit widget and icon name
  • A counter which will help you to read all new messages
  • Boost your phone with just one click
  • Try different gesture like top,spin,right and much more
  • Hide Private Apps

S+ S8 LAUNCHER Best Android Launcher 2018

7. Kiss Launcher

Before you start assuming some random thoughts about the name of this launcher, go have a sight on its abbreviation which is Keep it Simple, Stupid.

I think well-nigh, you have got a lot of idea about this Launcher- how it’s taunting you to keep your android phone simple.

This launcher has not got all the fancy features to decorate your android phone but simple and choosy ones to make you surf faster through the apps.

What it really focus on is performance and high speed.

  • The search Toolbar

    For those people who don’t want to have a rush of apps and other features on their home screen, this launcher is just a blessing in disguise.

    It will simply provide you with a search toolbar where you can search for any app you want to access.

  • Fast Performance

    Its the main motive of this browser to provide you fast performance by detaching you from hoping to other extra features.

    If you don’t want to indulge your android phone with the heavy memory of launchers then you can opt this launcher for high speed.

  • Battery Saver

    Sometimes we hoard down all those ponderous launchers which really affect our android phone battery.

    And all we got productivity is zero.

    But with this launcher, your battery will not drain easily and you will relish the flavour of simplicity by having a filtered interface as well as long battery life.

    So keep it simple, stupid!.

Other Features:

  • Battery Saver
  • High Speed
  • Simple Interface
  • Search toolbar

Kiss Launcher Best Android Launcher 2018

Hope you liked our list of top 7 best new launchers for android 2018.

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