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Welcome back friends, today we are going to talk about 7 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018.

Shooting is fun! Well, I am not talking about the hunting and all that stuff but capturing every other thing with a quality camera is sure I am thinking about.

It’s an innate fondness for homo sapiens(don’t get confused with this term) to pile up memories, whether they are good, bad or puckish ones. Because somehow they are part of life.

I can cite this line by John green which will give you the feel of nostalgia.The town was paper, but the memories were not.” …And to uphold them we need the best camera.

After all, your gallery on social media platforms is waiting for to get bedeck with your clicked images.

Just win the race of getting likes on Instagram or Facebook by trying these beezer camera apps.

1. Manual Camera App

This app takes full fledge use on Lollipop Android version and all because of its camera API.

If you will have a look at its moniker, this app pretty much sums up how the user is going to take advantage of all the manual features of the camera.

As they say, there are three pillars of photography- shutter speed, sensitivity, and aperture.

And you will get the controls of these features in your hands.

Because there are some people out there who don’t like the way things flow and want to pave their own path.

This camera will let you do so, the changeable focus, WB, ISO all these effects exists in this application and of course the RAW feature, which let you shoot uncompressed pictures and later on you can edit it like all professional photographers do.

Let’s have a sight at its features.

1. Mutable exposure
2. Supports Raw feature
3. Effects change with rotating the wheel controller
4. Focus capability.
5. Changeable White Balance
6. Auto Mode.
7. Lock different commands manually

  • Manual Camera Screenshot
  • Manual Camera Screenshot
  • Manual Camera Screenshot

2. Filmic pro

Filmic Pro is not just another camera app but, it’s a video recording application specially designed for cinematography.

This app lets you change all the scenic effect while recording.You are going to find some users who don’t find ease in doing editing after recording video, as it sometimes creates a bedlam.

But this pro app lets you make changes while filming any video.

So if you have got your own Vlogs or you are interested in cinema arena then make this app in the “must-to-use” list.

And more adding to its evaluation, Filmic pro app has also got some accolades from some reputed magazines.

Have your fingers on setting everything manually from focus to noise reduction and much more.

Try out its following features too

1. Dynamically change cinematic effects while shooting video
2. Noise reduction feature
3. Changeable White balance
4. Lock focus adjustment with a double tap
5. A controller for changing focus.
6. InbuiltFilmic syncing facility.
7. A controller for changing focus.
8. Easily share videos on Facebook, Dropbox and more.
9. Another controller for changing exposure.

  • FiLMiC Pro Screenshot
  • FiLMiC Pro Screenshot
  • FiLMiC Pro Screenshot

3. Selfissimo

Love it or hate it, but we can’t ignore it.

Yes! I am talking about selfies and this app is just made for one purpose which you might have already guessed it from its name.

The best thing about it, you don’t have to tap on the screen to click your photo, all you have to do is to strike a pose and voila you got clicked.

Officially launched by Google, selfissimo is notably made for only clicking self-portraits.

So, you are not going to find rear camera feature in this app.And to all the black and white lovers, this app is just another notch on the belt as it only clicks photos in black and white mode.

It also gives random compliments to your poses.Its other features are as follows.

1. Easy to use with its simple UI
2. Black and White Filter
3. No need to tap on the screen while clicking photos.
4. Only for self-portraits.
5. Just make a move and get clicked.

7 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018 SELFISSIMO

4. Camera NX

Well, Camera NX is just a clone of Google pixel camera mode.

Developed by Charles chlow, this app smoothly runs on android oreo and other pixel series including nexus5X and 6p.

Since the inception of pixels portrait mode, it has been in news for its ravishing quality but that portrait mode was only available in the new version of Google Pixel.

Guess, thanks to the developer who has put out the algorithm and implemented in the camera NX application so that other phone can also have a piece of this perfect camera app.

So far this Camera Nx has perfectly run in LineageOS 15 and another 64-bit oreo version.

If you want to know more about it, have a look at its features.

1. Slow motion effect
2. Portrait mode doesn’t work with objects
3. Click wide angle photo with the panorama feature
4. Augmented reality feature.
5. Best quality of Portraits gets clicked.

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5. Motion stills

Let me give you a random impotent theory about the people, there are two types of people in the world-one who love photos and one who love videos and this app is for the latter ones.

Somehow the little gif tends to say more than a still.

And coming to this app, it will be going to provide you every other feature which is needed for making any small clips confiscate with any other effect.

Want to make your snips in loop or love boomerangs? then you have to download this app.

Other than that, this app provides you the effects of making your video in slow motion or in fast motion.

Motion stills are also developed by Google research and if you want to know more about its features then have a look-

1. Loopback and forth on short clips.
2. Stabilize your motions.
3. Turn off background sound.
4. Slow and fast motion video.
5. Create awesome gifs.

  • Motion Stills Screenshot
  • Motion Stills Screenshot
  • Motion Stills Screenshot

6. Retrica

Life can sometimes be boring without colors, while some adore the black and white striped colored polaroids while others like it with a pinch of festive filters.

Retrica is surely going to give you both looks.Yes, it’s another camera app but it hoarded a lot of colors within.

I can say it’s an all-rounder app because you are gonna find versatile filters, natural looking selfie feature, stickers and apart from photos, well, video and GIFs are also another aspects of this app.

You can also create your profile in retrica and can stay easily connected with your friends.

So swank your profile as much as you can and prettify it with cool stickers.Have a peekaboo at its other features.

1. Give a layer of various filters on your images
2. Easily making of video and GIFs
3. Put up your different photos in a single collage.
4. Plugin some stickers on your images
5. Show off your doodling skills on images with retrica.
6. Decorate your selfies and videos with Retrica’s original Stamp™.
7. Share it with your friends on various platforms.
8. Meetups with your friends via retrica profile

  • Retrica Screenshot
  • Retrica Screenshot
  • Retrica Screenshot

7. Shot light

They say you can take full control of your camera with this app and guess what they are right.

You don’t have to lose control over the caliber of the images while clicking photos.Just set exposure, focus, Iso according to your needs which is surely going you the feel of DSLR.

Besides clicking awesome photos, this spotlight will also embellish your video with cutting-edge editing features.

Spotlight also gives the facility of connecting iblazer led flash which is just a device to give you the show light of cinema.

You can connect this device to your audio jack or can sync via an inbuilt feature of the app.

After connecting, the user can easily adjust the temperature and intensity of light referring to how they want to show off their images.

Check out some other features of this app also.

1. Workable with Android version 4.3 and more.
2. Set out all the manual features of the camera.
3. Adjust brightness with setting ISO effect
4. Instant sharing of photos and videos on social media
5. Connection with wireless iblazer light easily

  • Shotlight Screenshot
  • Shotlight Screenshot
  • Shotlight Screenshot

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So, these were our Top 7 Best Camera Apps For Android 2018.

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